Voss Canine and Equine Chiropractic
Voss Canine and Equine Chiropractic
Voss Canine and Equine Chiropractic
About Equine Chiropractic

Equine chiropractic care
is a drugless alternative method of health care. Many have found chiropractic helpful when it comes to increasing energy, improving sports performance and even increasing resistance to disease.

Equine chiropractic care works with the nervous system to help the brain better communicate with the body. This is done using chiropractic adjustments which specifically help to keep joints properly aligned. Better communication within the body means better functioning of that body in all activities.

Chiropractic does not replace traditional forms of veterinary health care. It works really well with it! When a joint is affected it loses motion and then eventually proper position as well. The chiropractic adjustment restores motion and alignment and therefore function and performance.

There are many causes of misalignment which may include injuries, improperly fitting saddles or harnesses, stall confinement, need for hoof care, poor conformation, too much work or even not enough work. Symptoms you may observe include:

  • difficulty in tacking up
  • head shy
  • flinching during grooming
  • difficulty with shoeing and foot trimming
  • irritability and sudden behavioral changes
  • difficulty with one lead
  • difficulty changing leads
  • refusal at jumps
  • difficulty bending and flexing at the pole, neck or back
  • chronic or acute lameness
  • poor performance in competition
  • horse appears uncomfortable or out of balance

Chiropractic works by finding the cause of the problem, attempts to eliminate that cause and then allows the body to heal itself.

Keep in mind that your horse may or may not experience any symptoms of spinal misalignment but a regular check up will help to prevent any problems that may arise in the future!

Chiropractic Fact:
The most obvious causes for the need for chiropractic care are physical. Repetitive activities like fetching, tugging and agility games for dogs and barrel racing, jumping and dressage for horses are major joint stressors. Quick motions, trips, slips and falls are also causes. Even just “laying around” can stress body joints. 
Voss Canine and Equine Chiropractic


Disclaimer: Dr. Karen Voss works in coordination with regular veterinarian care using
chiropractic protocols to improve function and performance in your animals.